Saturday, December 8, 2007

Whole Again

I'm back! Boy I never knew how addicted I was to the computer until I went for more than 2 weeks without my own. I seriously didn't know what to do with myself after I had my housework done. At times I simply wandered around my house aimlessly. Not the easiest thing to do in my tiny house. Once I even found myself sitting down at the desk and staring at where the computer should go. :D I am now saved thanks to Dell who replaced our old laptop with a brand new one because the old one was overheating. Our files have been transferred thanks to my buddy Brandon and his mom. I owe them big. And we're up and running with the internet again. It's like I'm whole again. Now just to get the camera and printer set up so we can post and print pics. Hmmm I think I better get Erick on that.

We're having a great holiday season so far. Amazingly Myelle hasn't pulled the tree down. Although she's pulled the ornaments off several times quickly bringing them to me and exclaiming "Uh-oh". Yeah I bet uh-oh. She's too cute to be mad at though. Now we're working on not opening presents until Christmas. So far so good, but I'm afraid I might run out of things to keep her occupied. She just cut her two top teeth finally! What a great Christmas present for Mom.

I've made a few new recipes. My cheesecake sadly did not turn out. It tastes good, but the texture is all wrong. I'll have to try again. I've also made a Chocolate Mint Christmas Pie. Delicious! My goal tomorrow is to get going on Fudge and Soda Cracker Candy. (Drool)

Erick is as usual loving his job. He's been kind of promoted I guess you could say. He's now building man doors. Gorgeous ones too. Right now he's working on some bamboo ones. I'm hoping he'll get some pics to post.

It's a busy time of year or rather our lives are becoming crazy busy. With holiday parties and preparations, work, friends and family, and now I have athletes training I'm finding very little time to breathe. LOL But it's totally worth it. We hope that ya'll are having as much fun as we are. Our love goes out to you.

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