Monday, April 21, 2008

I got served

or so I've been told. LOL Erick told me I'm supposed to be posting on my blog more. So I'm going to be attempting to post more. Between family, work, and track I haven't had much time for online and I never know what to write about so you're going to get to hear a lot about track right now. :D

Saturday was a great day. We had the Tiger/Griz track meet in Idaho Falls and the weather was just beautiful. Very sunny as my legs show. :D My kids did well. Colter threw 148'6" and took 3rd in the discus and 43'5" in the shot taking 5th. Stephanie threw 93'6" and also took 3rd in the discus and then 29'2" taking 8th in the shot. Jordyn threw 73' in the discus. All 3 got their Personal Records for the year.

We're working hard this week prepping for our Bingham County meet. Time sure has been flying by. We only have 3 meets until district. All we can do is work our tails off to get ready. Next week I will be traveling with most of my throwers to Provo to the BYU high school meet.

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Aunt Marilyn said...

Yeah, a new post. We love to read anything! Missed you Saturday, it was sure great to get to see Myelle, what a sweetheart! (Well, Erick too, only Myelle's cuter) Keep posting and safe travels w/the track team.