Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love This Girl....Keeley Marie

She's amazing! One of the most talented people I know....she inspires me.

Her musical abilities blow me out of the water. I am impressed with every new composition she writes on the piano.

I wish I could run like she can.

She's beautiful.

She's one of the most spiritual people I know. Her example makes me want to be better. I haven't seen many people as close to the Lord as she is.

She's ambitious. This girl is going to go places.

She's smart and funny.

She's kind even though she thinks she's not.

I consider her one of my best friends.

Hopefully I'll get to spend a lot of time with her before she goes off to USU in August.

Kee I know I told you this at graduation, but I love you. You're one of the best sisters anyone could ask for.

P.S. My computer's being dumb. I'll add pics later.


Lindsay said...

(ya know...Bracken gets home in a year...hmmm)


angieinpink said...

omg...your little man is STINKING cute!