Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Feeling Homemakery

Hahaha I think I just made that word up. Well actually my mom did because her and I both use it. :D But back on topic. I have the biggest urge to stay at home and bake and cook and clean and organize my house. I also want to break out my new sewing machine and get started on some Christmas projects. Boy do I have some good ones planned. I'm so stoked to get started on them. Don't you just love the feeling of being able to hand someone a present that you made yourself?

Speaking of which isn't it also so nice to be self sufficient? I hate going to the grocery store and if I could grow it all in my garden I would, but sadly I do have to make trips to the grocery store. Now I try to shop local but my budget is having a hard time with that because of the rising prices. Unfortunately, I have to go to Walmart. :( Now don't get me wrong...Walmart is great, but I know that as soon as any of our local businesses went under they would be jacking the prices sky high. When I do go to Walmart I try to go to the one in the next town over because they have cheaper prices than the one I drive by for work. How crazy is that?

Ok enough rambling for tonight, my bed is calling my name and I've been complaining that I'm not getting enough sleep. My cold is practically forcing my eyes shut and I still need to read my scriptures. Goodnight!


Bep-N-Bob said...

Yeah for the sewing machine projects. I wish I was set at our new home to be considered homemakery!! Soon enough though. :)

woodshedmama said...

:D Are you moved to Rexburg already? Can't wait to see you!

Bep-N-Bob said...

This weekend we are moving!! We are loading up the truck tomorrow (Saturday) and then driving up either Sunday or Monday. YEAH for that!!!