Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Can you believe that it is already Thanksgiving? This year has just flown by. We are at Grandma and Grandpa Wood's house this year. A completely different style of dinner than I'm used to but rather nice. Until I got married my Thanksgiving dinners consisted of getting together with either my mom's family or my dad's family. Mom's family is huge so the most efficient way to serve everyone is to go buffet style. Dad's side is a little smaller, but buffet style works good for that side also. We eat off of paper plates with plastic silverware and drink from plastic cups. The noise is almost deafening from all the cousins chattering and the adults catching up. A joke is cracked almost every other sentence. Laughter abounds and thus food gets digested faster. Who's up for seconds? Or in my case thirds because no one notices when you get up for the third time to fill your plate.

A complete turn around, dinner at my inlaws is wonderful, but very quiet. For loud boisterous me I have to make sure I'm on my best behavior. No telling stories that could make someone blow stuffing out their nose because they're laughing so hard. We all sit around the table and the food gets passed around. Everyone eats such small amounts that I feel a little out of place with my over hearty appetite. Hey it's Thanksgiving! But how does it sound when I say for the third time "Please pass the turkey....again." :D LOL Mom and I joke that after a few years after the food has gone around they'll say "Just pass it all down to Audra....she'll need it in a minute." Oh well. I'm working on decreasing my appetite, but Thanksgiving isn't the time to do it. I even scheduled dental surgery on Monday before so that I wouldn't be able to eat much, but I'm able to eat just fine.

Whether you have a boisterous get-together or a quiet sit down dinner, I wish you all the happiest Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for all of my family especially Erick's family. They are so good to me and welcome me with open arms. I can't complain. May we all reflect on what we're most thankful for and let the Lord know. God bless you this wonderful holiday season.

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