Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fair Time!

Okay so it's actually the last day of the fair today, but it's been a fun week. Monday both Erick and I worked in my dad's booth selling grills and fireplaces. I almost sold an instant hot water heater too. Wednesday night just I worked for Dad. Good times hanging with my daddy. :D We got ice cream that day, but the chocolate just didn't taste the same as it used to. :(

Today both Erick and I are both going in to work for Dad. Then we'll wander around the fair on the very last day. Take in some of the sights. :D

On an update for us....We're all finally feeling a bit better after our colds and being sick. Myelle had strep throat and I ended up with a cold. It's busy, busy at Erick's work right now and he has been getting tons of overtime hours. Yay for that because I wasn't quite so sure how things were going to be financially this month with all of our surprises.
This last week I quit my job at Winger's and started back at Sportsman's Warehouse on Friday. It was good to be back there. I missed a lot of my coworkers. Of course many things have changed in a year, but there are still some familiar faces. So now even though we like Rexburg we are needing to move to Idaho Falls since it will be closer to both Erick and my work and will save us a ton on gas. It just makes more sense that way. :D In order to move we need to sell our contract so if you know of any one needing an apartment in Rexburg send them our way.
That's all for today.
Happy Saturday!


Birch Family said...

So that makes me sad I was liking the idea for haveing a friend i already new. well are you going to still do school or is that just to hard right now? just a change of planes.

The Jones Family said...

So let me get this right. The move you did was to rexburge and now to idaho falls...boy you guys are troopers!!!