Thursday, August 28, 2008

My hubby is so awesome!

So even though I asked him to finish a "Honey Do List" tonight and he didn't get it done, I still have to give praises to my hard-working, freakin' awesome husband! Lately I've been taking him for granted and shame on me for doing so because he works so hard to support this family. Tonight I got home tired and a little cranky from work to find that Erick hadn't done any of the things on the list (except eat cake which was the last thing on the list), he hadn't cleaned up from dinner, and he was already in bed. :( I was sulking on the couch for a few minutes when he got up, came into the living room and rubbed my shoulders and told me about his day even though he was exhausted! I wanted to cry it was so sweet and meant a lot to me. So here is my tribute.

My Hubby
....gets up for work by 5am everyday. I don't even budge until 7!
....makes the 1/2 hour commute one way without complaining even when there's construction
....tries to be in to work by 6am, 6:30 at the latest. a minimum of 10 hours a day, often more, and only gets 45 min lunch and one other break. His work....woodworking so he's always lifting heavy things, stressing about precise measurements, he's constantly moving and only gets to sit down at lunch.
....never complains about how much he works or how long the hours are. I complain I'm tired after a 5 hour shift of serving.
....only occasionally complains about me talking to him into the late hours.
....will stay up late with me even though he's got a long and early day ahead of him. the best father to my little girl.
....stays worthy of his priesthood.
....keeps me humble.
....does all he can to provide for our family.
....motivates me to go to church when I just don't feel like it.
....spoils me rotten.
....listens to me complain without saying a word. me really great massages. I love to be pampered.
....always has what's best for me in mind.
....loves me for who I am even with all my flaws and ramblings and misgivings and no matter what kind of mood I'm in.

Erick you are the best husband in the whole wide world. I love you so much. ~ Aud


Rachel said...

awww. that was sweet. what would we do without our husbands?!

The Jones Family said...

We saw the Woods a couple of times at the fair. We did miss hanging out with you at the rodeo. His mom said you had quite the week. Talked Bethany yesterday. I hope this week is finding you more relaxed and having a better week. Bless your hearts!! Sounds like crazy seems to be the "norm" :) I don't how we would function any other way!! Hang in there!!! Love ya lots! Ains, Jas and Kobe