Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Frugal Way of Drying Laundry

Okay so it's not my first choice, but right now we don't have a dryer. How do we get our clothes dry you might ask? A drying rack. It takes longer and the clothes are a little stiffer, but it saves on electricity and gets our clothes dry.

Now we finally have our washer and Erick will hook it up tonight so I can start getting caught up on laundry. Thanks again Mom and Dad for bringing it up and helping us pick up our new (to us) furniture.

I'll post pics once I get our camera charged. I have to find the charger first. :D

Happy Wednesday!


The Jones Family said...

I hope your getting settled ok and that thing are working better for you. How is Erick's health holding up? Are you feeling ok? Boy our little ones grow fast. Ihopr she is adjusting well. Love ya, ains

Rachel said...

how's it going audra?!!? it's been forever since we've talked. how's your new place? find a dryer yet? our dryers never work here, so we end up letting most of our clothes air dry too! :)