Saturday, March 7, 2009

What exactly do you mean by bedrest?

Very good question. Especially since I'm not on strict bedrest and can get up and walk around some, sit up, shower, travel to the doctor, etc. Mostly resting in between. LOL So if I'm on bedrest because of my blood long as I keep my BP down I'll be okay to do a few things, right? ;) LOL I wish.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I have a dilemma. Do I go to church? or do I stay home since I'm on bedrest. Here is what I decided (last week actually since I had this dilemma then too :D ):

When it comes to things like going to church or attending the sealing this week when Wesley will be sealed to my parents the Lord will watch over us and bless both me and the baby that we will be okay during these times. I also feel comforted that the Lord knows I cannot sit through all 3 hours of church and that attending Sacrament meeting is the best I can do right now.


Jessica said...

That sounds perfect. I had to make that sort of deal with God when Miss P was tiny. I promised to take really good care of her while she was awake, and He would take care of her while we slept. That peace of mind the Spirit brings is amazing.

Nic said...

HELLOOO I didn't know you blogged!?! I am so excited! I hope you are feeling well. You take care of you and the baby! Miss you tons!

Lindsay said...

Good luck Audra! I'm excited for you! Bedrest sin't fun tho :(