Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feeling Blessed

My house may not be very tidy or very big. There is always some chore that needs doing. A batch of laundry needing taken care of. A hurt feeling or owie needing attended to. A crying baby that wants fed/held/rocked to sleep. There's meals to be cooked. Shopping to do. Clothes to be mended. Feelings of inadequacy & imperfection often creep up about being a good mom, wife, friend, person. It's a scary time of our lives right now filled with worry & uncertainty. How do we know that we're doing what we're supposed to? How will we make it through?
I turned to prayer & the scriptures for comfort & answers. In doing so my faith has grown & I've been able to buoy up my husband & comfort him while he struggles with feelings of frustration at the situation that's been thrust upon us. I found I can be there to support & love him no.matter.what. And that that is all I need to do...what I'm supposed to be doing.
After a night of tossing & turning with worry & stress I woke up this morning & was enjoying the quiet this morning before my kids woke up. I found myself caught up in my thoughts. Next thing I know I'm tearing up. Not because I was sad, but because I was feeling so blessed. At a time of such uncertainty in our lives right now I was overwhelmed with the knowledge of how much the Savior loves me & my family.
We are buoyed up by friends, family, & members of the ward. I feel inspired by the many wonderful people I have association with. Whether they be from high school, college, or anytime after that I am grateful for them & their wise words & inspiring stories. I am grateful that they are willing to share with those around them. They have become my network of support even though they may not know it.
I have a wonderful little family that is sealed together for eternity. I am blessed with a loving hard working husband, who strives to live righteously & lead our family in good. Who provides as only a father can. Who wants me to stay home with the kids no matter how tight things are because he knows that's where I want to be & where the Lord wants me to be & will stick up for me & that decision when anyone criticizes it. Who loves me for me no matter what. Who doesn't mind if the house is a little messy. Who thinks I'm a great mom especially when I don't feel like it. Who understands I can't do it all. Who is my best friend in the world.
I have two great kids that may drive me batty at times, but I know they love me unconditionally even for my imperfections. Those precious moments we share when they cuddle up to me or when only "Mommy" can make it all better. When B looks at me with those big blue eyes that say it all..."Thanks for feeding me...Thanks for holding me...Thanks for being my mommy.....Thanks for loving me."
I truly am blessed with the things that matter.


Ginny said...

awesome perspective. thanks for sharing!

Joy said...

Keep counting those blessings!

You've grown into a wonderful woman. I'm really proud of how you turn to your Father in Heaven when things get tough.

Love you... Mom

Sara Birch said...

Its inspiring to see your positive attitude amid trying times!