Friday, September 4, 2009

Homework: Dear Friend

My awesome friend Jessica turned me on to this wonderful lady & her blog. You can join TravelinOma for class too. It's free!! Anyway this is my first assignment of the many I hope to complete.

(BTW I'm not sure how to put & link pictures from another site yet so I just hyperlinked the words. Soon I will be able to do pics too. :D )

Dear Friend,

I know you are worried about your husband's recent layoff at work. Knowing you like I do, I'm sure you feel upset, stressed, confused, and scared, but I trust your instincts. You seem so resilient that I'm sure you can bounce back from this difficult time with more spring in your step than ever. You've never given up on anything yet so why start now? If you put your mind to it you can do anything, including this.

You are doing the right things in turning to the Lord for comfort and answers. Try to cut your husband a little slack while he sorts through his own feelings of frustration. As his wife it is not your job to fix it for him, but to stand by him through it all as he finds a way to get things done. You will both learn and grow much more if you trust in the Lord and let each other fulfill the roles you were meant for.

Remember the Lord loves you, as do your family and friends. This too shall pass.


Your Friend


Travelin'Oma said...

Save this! You'll look back on this time and wonder how you did it, and your kids will someday ask how you coped with unemployment and your advice will still be perfect. Good job!

Jessica said...

So true! You are doing great my dear. I think watching the head of the family struggle through something is the worst time ever. But you'll make it together!