Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just as We Were Getting Caught Up

We got another medical bill. It seems like that happens every time. It's depressing. At first I was mad that Erick had to go into the ER & be admitted to the hospital. But after a bit I realized it was the best thing for him & it wasn't his fault. (Sorry Honey I can be so wraunchy sometimes...I know I'm working on it.)
Now I'm just stressed. And so I eat. More than should be humanly possible. When it hurts...I stop & sleep. Things will look better in the morning.
This too shall pass.
And I love my mom. She is the greatest. Today she came & picked up my kids at the drop of a hat so I could go to the hospital with Erick. And when I got home I found she had done my dishes, vacuumed & cleaned out my fridge. Thanks Mom!! (If I knew how to do the heart symbol I'd insert one here) You are the greatest!

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