Friday, January 15, 2010


I got the player off my blog. :) My internet must have been having issues when I tried before. Yippee!
One of my goals this year is to be a better housekeeper. I don't mind tidying up or vacuuming or even doing laundry. However, I absolutely hate doing dishes. Hooray for the dishwasher we are going to have in our new apartment! I now set a goal to unload the dishwasher as soon as it's done & load my dirty dishes right into it.
What's your least favorite chore?


The Crandizzles said...

Dishes for sure. Laundry is up there too. But I actually like vacuuming when Ryan moves all the stuff out of the way for me.

Jake and Steph said...

Laundry is the only chore I don't like. I actually like all the others!

Audra said...

I love vacuuming too Jenny. Steph too bad we didn't live closer. We could trade chores. :D I love laundry.

Jen Gillespie said...

Good plan Audra. I have found something that words great for me. I start the dishwasher after dinner/before bed. Then it can run all night. In the morning I unload it after breakfast, get the breakfast dishes in it, and walla, I have an empty dishwasher to load a little at a time during the day and it is full at night after dinner. If I make a big dinner and have too many pots/pans to fit in with the regular dishes, I just do those right after dinner when I load the dishwasher and then they are done!!! Good luck with your goal, and the move (if I don't see you before then!)