Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Diagnosis

After several doctors visits and a colonoscopy they have diagnosed Erick with Crohn's Disease. Thankfully the doctors said it's only stage 1 so there's a lot more they can do to allow him to go about daily life with fewer symptoms. He's been put on a couple different medications and he's still adjusting to them. We're both a bit shaken about it, but we have no doubt that we can get through.

We want to thank you all for all your continued love, support and friendship. We are truly blessed.

Now to figure out a way to pay for all of it! ;) LOL


Quigley Clan said...

That is just crazy! I am sorry to hear that though. Darn those medical bills, we hate them too. We are thinking about you all. Call if you need anything.

The Jones Family said...

Thanks for letting us know. Hope the medications help from the flare ups. Just think maybe with all the money going to the medications, you can save on less hospital trips!
Love ya, ains

woodshedmama said...

Thanks you guys! That's so the truth about saving on hospital visits. I can't wait to get the past 2 paid off.