Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Update on Us and a call for Addresses

Alrighty. Ya'll are being called out....for your postal addresses. Erick and I decided to do a New Year's letter since life has been so crazy lately. So would you please send me your addresses? You can email me them at audinthewoodshed@hotmail.com.

Now for an update. I will post pictures as soon as I get more of them loaded onto the computer. I'm still adjusting to our new one. Myelle is doing fantastic and just loved Christmas other than the fact that she had a cold, which she promptly gave to both Erick and I and apparently one of my brothers and one of my sisters. Sorry. Her favorite thing about Christmas? Playing with everyone else's things. LOL She quite enjoyed New Year's also as she woke up at 3:30 in the morning and played until 7am with Uncle Darren's friends from college. They are so sweet to play with her.

Erick is starting to go back up to Jackson so I will be as I call myself...a "construction widow" this week. I miss him terribly when he's gone, but it is good for him to get the experience and at least he has a job. I am working on appreciating my situation because so many have so much less. He is now getting over the cold that had him down for a while after Christmas.

As for me, well let's just say Murphy is paying a nice long visit to me. Starting on Dec 29 when I got pulled over and ticketed in my own driveway after an extremely long day at work. Next I wreck my car on New Year's Eve and lose my voice that same night after I'm off work. It's the new year and I still have no voice, but hopefully things will only get better from here.

Love you all!


The Jones Family said...

Boy...your luck and cars..I hope everything is ok. Did Erick's test turn out ok? It was fun to have the two little ones have some time to play together. I'll have to send the pictures with our address. Love ya more, Ainslie

woodshedmama said...

All is well, just a fender bender in my own driveway. It was good to see you guys too. Love your blog! Audra

Jake & Steph said...

Hi Audra,

I just discovered your blog, I can't wait to see pics of Myelle! Happy New Year!


The Jones Family said...

I tried to send the pictures from the two at christmas, but not sure if did it right. Let me know, I will try a different route.
Love ya, ains

Bethany said...

So our email is bepnbob@hotmail.com if you want to send something or get in touch that way. Sorry it has taken a little while to get it replied to.