Thursday, March 6, 2008

Run out of food?

So I belong to an online group called Frugal Families. I love it. It's a group of mostly women who are doing all they can to live frugally to keep up with the demands of an evershrinking paycheck next to quickly rising costs. Some work others are stay at home moms. Well the owner of the website posted an interesting article she found. Here's the article if you are interested in reading it.

Very interesting and gives some food for thought. My own opinion: We're not going to run out of food anytime soon, but I think we definitely need to heed the church's council about becoming self-reliant and supporting ourselves. Foodwise for myself that means planting a better garden and canning wisely. Planning menus and trying to stretch my grocery money as far as possible. I don't buy much meat since I get a lot of beef from Mom and Dad, but I do buy chicken and check out the quick reduce bin for other deals. With rising costs I'm trying to trim my budget even more by substituting one meatless meal a week. So far we've had spaghetti with tomato sauce instead of meat sauce. LOL But I'm working on more. Lasagna and baked potatoes with chili are on my menu.

I'd love to hear of any other ideas you have for meatless meals that I can implement into my menu. It might be hard, but we can keep our budgets low with rising costs. We can do it!


Joy said...

Hey Audra - good to see you blogging again!

Meatless meal ideas:

red beans & rice (though I love sausage in that)
refried beans & homemade tortillas
cheese omelets
grilled cheese

There are other meals that use just a little meat to flavor like Ham & beans.

You've got me thinking now though.. I'll let you know if I come up with any others. :)

The Jones Family said...

I seem to always through in a breakfast meal for dinner. Eggs still have their protein. For us, breakfast is always a good time.

woodshedmama said...

I always forget about doing breakfast for dinner. Erick's not a big fan, but I am. Thanks guys!