Thursday, February 26, 2009

How do I?

Let me just preface this post with the statement that this is not meant to come off as complaining. It might come across that way, but it's mostly just thoughts and questions I've come across in my excessive amount of time to think. I am extremely grateful of my situation and everything I've been blessed with.

How do I...?

-stay patient with my energetic 2 year old when she gets upset that Mommy can't come play the things she wants to play?
-ask my tired husband to tidy up the house without feeling like I'm nagging?
-actually tell someone what I really need done when they ask if they can do anything to help?
-not feel awkward about asking for more help?
-not feel awkward about asking people that aren't family for help?
-not feel like a burden and an incovenience to everyone around me?
-not become irritable because I can't actually do anything while the housework continues to pile up?
-not get frustrated with my dear husband because he's not doing any housework?
-continue to graciously accept all the help that's being offered when I feel so guilty about not being able to do it myself?
-stay sane when everything is driving me crazy? :)

I don't know. I just don't know. But I am praying and studying as much as I can and trying. I'm not perfect and I can only hope that what I can do is good enough.


Joy said...

There is a time and season to everything. This is your season to accept service. There will be another season for you to give it. :)

ASK if you need help! Just open your mouth & let the words OUT. lol It's nice to know that you really need the laundry done & not another meal brought in. kwim?

Hang in there... it's worth it.

Anika said...

Hey, I can't imagine how you do it! I was on bed rest for like 4 days when I was pregnant with Brinley and almost went crazy. You should really call me 317-1740 and we can talk. Hope you're surviving :)

Jessica said...

If others offer, they mean it. You deserve help and rest. Take it my love, because it just gives you an excuse to give it back when and how you can. As for a messy house and a tired hubs, sometimes we just have to let it go and settle for snuggling in bed. No one will think less of you for having a messy house. Not a problem. As for the baby, I dunno. I'm still trying to keep up with my one. Don't tell me they get busier!!!