Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mom's Cooking Blog

My mom is a fabulous cook. I didn't learn nearly as much as I should have from her when I was living at home, but thankfully we live close enough I can learn much more from her. She's started a blog to post all of her old favorites and some of her new experiments. She even said I could occasionally chip in my adventures in the kitchen. Check it out here.
I've been trying not to spend as much time on the computer (Yes I am an internet junkie) thus the sparse posting. This will continue as the next few weeks are crazy busy! Camping this week in Sawmill Canyon(Thursday-Monday)...2 days to unpack and repack for the McKinnon Family Reunion in Bear Lake (Thursday-Saturday).....That leaves Sunday for church (Hallelujah! I will have missed it the past couple weeks) and Monday or getting ready or my 2nd annual throwing camp (Tuesday-Thursday) just before Pioneer Day. I will try to post in between all this. No promises though.
Bentley has started to giggle and laugh. I have yet to get it on camera because he stops as soon as I whip the camera out. He's too interested in that. And actually our camera has been missing for the past 3 weeks. Thanks Kee for letting us borrow one of yours.
Bentley has also been sleeping through the night for about a month now. He usually sleeps a minimum of 5 hours a night. Yay for sleep!! I'm a much nicer person when I'm not tired.

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Jessica said...

Oh those nights they sleep through are really the best. I am glad you guys are doing well. And if you want any help with the throwing camp, I am usually free Mondays.
Lemme know!