Monday, July 20, 2009


The other day I told my mom that "Sunburns are like forget how bad it hurts until you're going through it." Such is what I experienced when we went to Bear Lake this weekend. I shamefully didn't put enough sunscreen on and then spent a solid 2 hours in the water. Needless to say I am a very crispy critter with blisters all over my shoulders. I haven't been burned this bad in...well I haven't ever been burned this bad, but I have been burned bad enough that I vowed I would never go into the sun without 60 SPF again. Well again and again I learn my lesson and recommit to that vow. This weekend was one of those renewing ones and I will pay the price this time as I vow I won't go into the sun that long without lots and lots of 60+ sunscreen.


The Richardsons said...

ouch! by the way, you left your 60+ sunscreen at our table. i have it.

woodshedmama said...

OK great! I was wondering where that went.

Ginny said...