Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pictures...Lots and lots of Pictures

Myelle never ceases to amaze me. How she fits into those tight spots I don't know. She was really peeved when she couldn't get out though. LOL
From the family reunion when Sarah and Alex got baptized. Lots of cousins and aunts to love Myelle up. The Twin Falls Temple was beautiful and we topped it off visiting Shoshone Falls.
And this is a whole bunch of Myelle just being Myelle. With Mommy and Daddy, Grandma, and her buddy Kobe.

Moving was fun and scary. Myelle wanted to help alot. She was really good at making sure the shelves were up right. LOL As you can see everything was a mess.....still is kind of....okay, okay is really messy still. One of these days we'll find a place for everything.

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Rachel said...

myelle is AWESOME.