Saturday, August 23, 2008

Things Myelle Say That Make Me Chuckle

paco, pocky, pockysicky - popsicle
pahee - potty, but she actually means bathtub. LOL
hokgok - hot dog
cahcky - cracker
Seesee - means she wants to watch TV or rather she wants me to turn it on and then doesn't watch it
Sigh - Outside
caclate - chocolate milk
waher - any type of drink other than milk
pahk - park
to, sik, go - ready, set, go (she then proceeds to run as fast as she can to whatever destination wants.
Nanan, Sashel - Brandon and Rachel our good friends and her heroes. :D
Bhama (with a very gutteral first syllable) - Grandma - she almost sounds like she's growling
Gampa - Pretty obvious on this one
Limpi - Olympics
Dan - dance
sahee, I sahee - I'm sorry

.....and many, many more. Yes we're proud parents and yes we're just like everyone else that thinks their own child is the one and only in the universe.


Rachel said...

out of all the words...these are my favorite: Nanan, Sashel.

the only problem: myelle likes to call me nanan, cause she refuses...yes call me sashel when i'm present.

:) regardless...she's still my favorite almost 2 year old! :)

Krysta said...

Olympics?! Wow, now that impresses me! I know what you've been watching! :0)

Joy said...

She sounds every bit at smart and cute as MY kids were at her age... she must get it from her Grandma. LOL!

I'll never forget you trying to say Knife. N - Ife... N-Ife.... "ife" LOL

We sure miss our little Myelle!