Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Quick Update

Soooo....lots has been going on lately. Not only have we been still settling into our new apartment we've had some crazy "Welcome to Rexburg" moments. Erick ended up in the the last week. After an emergency surgery and then a quick procedure the second time he's feeling tons better. He's back to work this week and man is he back to work. He worked until 10:15pm tonight!

Myelle likes going to Maria's when I have to go to work and playing with her girls Tylee and Ellie. Thank you Maria! Work has been okay. Love the people and the place is great, but boy is it slow on this 7 week break. I keep telling myself just wait 3 more weeks until the college kids are back and then it will be busy.

Not much more than that going on with us. Happy Thursday!

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