Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back from Boise

A short trip, a very long drive, but a great time had by all! We drove to Boise Friday night with Brett and Brianna (Not sure if they'll ever do that again. ;) ) and went to Sizzler with Darren when we got there. Yum! I love their salad bar.

After that it was back to the hotel to watch scary movies. :D We had was Halloween. House on Haunted Hill and Return to House on Haunted Hill were our picks for the evening and we stayed up until 3am watching them. LOL

Saturday was fantastic weather for the races and Keeley and both the Firth boys' and girls' teams did fantastic!! Keeley took 3rd and broke 20 min. YAY! Congrats Kee! We're so proud of you! The girls' team took 2nd and the boys' team took 1st. And I am proud to announce that I am not the only one that cried (because we're so proud of her) while Keeley was racing! Brett and Brianna did too. Well so did Mom, but she's the mom so it's okay. :D

Afterwards we ate out as a family and then went and visited Chris and Jen for awhile. Watched the last quarter of the BYU vs. CSU game. GO BYU!! They pulled off a win even though we didn't think they would. :) We're looking forward to going to Jen's house for Thanksgiving in a few weeks.

Hope ya'll had a fantastic weekend!

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