Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Clean and Organized Home

Isn't it so nice when you get your house completely clean? Even if it only lasts a short while it brings some kind of peace knowing that everything is clean and in order. Our house can get pretty untidy in a hurry, but I'm trying to keep up and I love nothing more than the feeling of it being clean. And I know that a tidy home is one where the spirit can dwell more easily.

One of my goals this month is to be more organized, which when working FT can be quite a challenge but is absolutely necessary. I've started by making a list of things that need to get done everyday. It's short since I don't have much time, but it includes washing the dishes, one batch of laundry, and tidying up 5 min in a room of my choice (usually the Living Room since it's the most lived in).

I just started doing this yesterday, but already I feel more energy and not so overwhelmed. I also have a big sense of relief and a little bit of accomplishment (because I'm not usually organized with my housework). The biggest thing I noticed....with the dishes done up and the kitchen clean I actually want to be in there cooking dinner and baking treats (which I love to do BTW). :D Funny how that works.

My next step in becoming more organized.....Coming Soon. LOL Pretty much I'm open to suggestions. Do you have a great way you keep organized?


Jessica said...

You won! Actually.. both of the people that commented won. But you were one of them so email me your address at j.hillam@yahoo.com and I'll send them out.

Jessica said...

My address is on the comment below hunny! haha!