Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Update!

I know Merry Christmas is late and Happy New Year is early, but the holidays are always a hard time for me to keep up on things especially when working retail. Here I am wishing you all the very best holiday season even if it is late. I also wanted to post an update on how we're doing.

I am so appreciative of my bosses for working with me this last crazy week. Last Saturday Erick had to go to the ER for a really bad flare up of his Crohn's. He was admitted and spent the night there. It was the busiest day at work but Nicole wouldn't let me stay. Thank you for that because despite what he said at first I'm sure that Erick was glad I was there with him.

I'm also thankful of how patient my bosses have been with me being sick. Not just with morning sickness that still hasn't gone away, but with the stomach flu I came down with this weekend. I called in sick Friday, but didn't dare call in sick again today so off to work I went and Nicole sent me home. Which I am very grateful for the extra rest because it's miserable being sick at work and now I won't have exposed everyone else to it.

We had a wonderful Christmas at Mom's house and when I remember to get my camera from there :) I'll post pics. Myelle had a blast and I had more fun watching her excitement than ever before. Erick and I are so blessed to have her wonderful little spirit in our family. Quick side story: Myelle just loves Jesus. She is always pointing out the baby Jesus in every nativity we see and today we got out our Christ with the little children statue and she was trying to give it hugs and kisses.

We are really sad the weather and the roads kept us from going to Burley this weekend, but we are so thankful for family that understands. It is great to stay safe and sound at home. Know that we love you and that we will visit as soon as we can.

Now I am going to head off to bed and hope that when I wake up this darn flu bug has run it's course.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


Birch Family said...

when are we going to see the baby belley bump? how are you feeling hope all is well and have a great new year.

The Jones Family said...

we were hoping we didn't miss ya...hope things are more merry! ains

Anika said...

I have a question that is totally unrelated to your post. Who watches your daughter while you work? I am trying to find a good sitter.