Friday, August 7, 2009

Just Me and the Baby for a Couple Days

Erick's mom took Myelle to stay with her for the weekend before she starts back to school. I'm going to miss that little bundle of fun, but I'm super excited to clean (and I mean deep clean) my house and have no one but me to mess it up! I'm planning to rearrange both the kitchen and my bedroom and finally do a deep scrub of the bathroom ( I didn't know tubs could get so dirty so fast!).
Erick is leaving on Saturday after I get off work to go backpacking with my bros, Dad, Kee, and a couple other people I don't know who they are. Those of us staying home are gearing up for a Girl's Night Out on Saturday. I'm looking forward to that.
Before she left today Colleen (Erick's mom) took us out to lunch and to the store to buy my birthday present. She got me a double stroller so I can take both kids on walks with me, allowing me to get out of the house more easily while Erick's out of town. Or just during the day too instead of waiting until night time. Thank you Colleen!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!


Joy said...

What a terrific birthday gift! You'll really enjoy using that & won't feel so cooped up at home. We'll miss Mye at our Girls Night Out... will have to do it again soon when she's here. :)

Sara Birch said...

Yeah for the new stroller! Hey, we are making our blog private so I need you to email me at so I can invite you. I've found our blog listed on too many sites like blogfrog and blogged and just want to keep my family more private!