Thursday, August 6, 2009

Longest Errand Day Ever!

Yesterday I had a ton of errands I needed to do and there was no getting around them. So we got all prepped and headed into town. First stop Sportman's to pick up a mess kit for Erick for his backpacking trip. Chatted a bit there with Bethanie, Nicole, and Andy.
Next stop was Rosemark for some samples of a medication.
After that it was off to Smith's to fill my BP prescription and pick up a few groceries. They had some great deals! On the first trip I picked up some bread and cereal. I'll post the prices below. My prescription was going to take like 45 minutes to fill so we went off to Winco for some fresh fruit and a couple other things.
Then it was back to Smith's for my meds and a few other good deals.
Next we headed to Napa Auto Parts for some high-temp silicone so Erick could fix the Jetta. Which he did last night! Go Hunny! I can't say enough about the service at Napa! I was in and out within 5 minutes because they were so helpful!
Next was Idaho Steel to pick up our oil pan. Jay did an excellent job welding a patch on it and reinforcing it with a skid plate. Thanks Jay!! And for only $44.52! Wooot!!
We hurried off to D&L Cleaners to pick up a blanket and sleeping bag I forgot I had taken there.
Last stop before we went to pick up Erick was Walmart. By the time I hit Walmart I was in a daze. I think I wandered down the frozen foods aisle like 6 times before I found (remembered) what I was looking for! LOL
The kids did awesome! Especially for how hot it was. Myelle took a quick nap in the carseat in between a couple stores and Bentley slept on and off. I had to nurse him in between each stop it seemed like so that took a lot longer, but at least he was happy and I got everything done. Now to clean up and get stuff put away that didn't get put away last night.
Great deals:
2 pack whole chicken $.79/lb
Instant oatmeal - $1.88 (for Erick's trip)
Puff's Tissues - $1.69/box, buy 4 and get $4 off instantly, ended up being $.69/box! (I'm most excited about that one)
Turkey Breast - $.99/lb
Post Cereals - $1.88/box
Granny's Pride Bread - $1/loaf
Goldfish crackers (regular sized bag) - $.99/ea
Twinkies - 2/$4 plus a $.50 off coupon = $1.50/box
Grapes - $.99/lb
That is probably the last time I do errands like that with 2 small children in tow for a very, very long time!

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Joy said...

I NEED grapes for .99/lb! You did great getting all that done in one trip!