Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Perfect Date

My friend Jessica (Yes, she is awesome and I talk about her a lot. :D) is very inspirational. On her blog she posted a "Write Now Prompt." I haven't written anything from a prompt since I was in college, but here goes. ;)
My perfect date would be up in the mountains with lots of pine trees. It'd be just about dusk and the fire would be going in the firepit. My hubby and I would scootch our chairs close together and enjoy the still night air. Listening to the sounds of the wildlife going to bed or just waking up for the night. The night air would get cooler as it slowly faded to black and the stars twinkle to life like far away street lamps. We'd talk about our past memories and our future hopes and dreams. As the glow of the fire slowly grew dimmer we'd go off to our tent and snuggle down close to each other in the warm sleeping bags and drift off to sleep.

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The Empey Fam! said...

So fun!! I also looked back and oh my heck that video of Bently laughing! SO ADORABLE!!