Monday, July 14, 2008

Introducing: Wesley Dallas McKinnon

Here he is: My new baby brother! Yep that's right I'm now a big sister for the 7th time. After 1 1/2 years on the adoption waiting list Mom and Dad are currently in Texas with little Wes in their arms. They jus have to wait for the finishing paperwork to clear before they can come home. Hopefully they'll be able to come home quick.
Wes is about 4 weeks old and about 7 lbs. Mom didn't say how long he was, but he looks like a little chunk! LOL Our whole family is soo excited for them to come home! Myelle keeps pointing to the pictures and saying "baby, baby". :D
If you want to see more pics and video check out my mom's blog:


Rachel said...

cute kid! can't wait to meet him!! :)

Birch Family said...

that will be so fun for your family. we are in Rexburg and ya we are having our third wow when you get up here let me know and we will hang out.

Vanessa Foster said...

Hey Audra,
That is so neat about your new baby brother. Wow you have a big family. Thanks for the comment on my blog and now I will stalk you!