Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Myelle's First Baseball Game

Erick's company party was hosted at the Idaho Falls Chukars game this year. The Chukars are the local minor league team and while not major league they are still pretty fun to watch. We had a blast spending time with all of the coworkers and their families. Not to mention the food was pretty darn good! ALL YOU CAN EAT BABY! hahaha. Myelle and Daddy sure had a good time.

Just look at all the junk food that Mommy let me eat! I was in Heaven! I ate 2 1/2 hotdogs, 1/2 hotdog bun, baked beans, 1/2 can 7up, tootsie rolls, suckers, popcorn, and cotton candy!

Mmm Ketchup and Mustard on a hotdog sure makes for a messy face. Ah, who cares!

Thanks Falls Cabinet for a fantastic party and Chukars for a great game! Great job on the win 12-5! Thanks Erick for working so hard and taking us to your party! We loved it!

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