Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today was the last day in our ward. :( We are sad about that, but still can't hold in our excitement to move. There just comes a time in your life when it's time to move on and push yourself forward and this is our time.

Packing is going alright. Very slow and I have no clue how we got all this junk! Half of it is just trash I swear! I have the next 2 days off so it will be packing, packing, packing. Except for a couple of breaks.

On another note: Here are some pics of me, my cousin, and her boyfriend that I stopped in Boise and visited on my way to Spokane. We had a blast! We went to Fuddrucker's and had these awesome salads, burgers and shakes! I wish I had taken a pic of it. Afterward we went back to their place and played a little bit of Guitar Hero! Yay for that! LOL

Apparently Fuddrucker's had to cut somewhere because in order to get Gourmet Salt you get Value Priced Pepper. LOL

Have a happy Sunday!


angieinpink said...

hey woodshed momma!

nice to e-meet ya! cutest blog, btw.

so...yes! i'm hostin' a round two o' angieinshape & you are ABSOLUTELY welcome to hop on the bandwagon. we'd love to have ya!

email me a picture of you, {if you want} and just a short reason why you are takin' on the challenge...

i'll be posting details tomorrow-ish about what's in store for round two!

have a great day & thanks for the comment! (:

Rachel said...

oh my goodness. i saw angieinpink and was like what?! am i commenting on audras? funny how i see my cousin! but anyway. i'm super excited that in a'll be here. for goood. :)