Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Official!

We are moving to Rexburg on July 29! I start working at Winger's on August 1! So we have 2 weeks to pack, 3 days to move, and the rest of our lives to stress and freak out about it! LOL We will be living in the Peterson Pointe Apartments. They're really nice and we're pretty darn excited. Have no clue where we're going to put all of our stuff, but hey we have a roof over our heads. :D

I almost posted in 2 separate entries(one about the move and one about the job) just for Rachel since she was giving me a bad time about writing 3 or 4 entries at a time. :D

On a random note: Here's a pic of Myelle on the 4th of July.


Rachel said...

only one post huh??
i really do like when you post a bunch...it makes me happy and you make up for all the people who NEVER post! :)
good times today. can't wait for you to be here in 2 weeks!!!!!

Birch Family said...

I live just down the road from Peterson point so we can hang out

mommyhillam said...

Hey! Thanks for the comments. Its nice to know I'm not the only one that looks at my blog once in a while. I'm excited for you guys... Rexburg will be fun. Mylee is getting so tall and even more beautiful.